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Kreig Smith

Finding a good dentist is hard enough. Finding an office full of good dentists seems like a miracle. From routine maintenance to emergency care this office has impressed me.

Devon McKeown

Absolutely love Dr. Ann — she is Downer’s Grove best kept secret! I will not go anywhere else! If you’re looking for cosmetic work done, she’s your dentist! Impeccable work and such a lovely personality!

Dane H

I could not have asked for more from Tower Dental! Everyone I spoke to from the first call to the person waving me goodbye treated me like family. Despite my anxiety and chronic illness, Dr. Ann and her team were quick to make me feel confident that I was in good hands. I was very impressed with the thoroughness, compassion, and ability to make me smile while helping me feel damn proud of my new smile! Update: I've been back to Tower Dental a couple times since my first review and am still very impressed with the place. The place is spotless and staff is very friendly.

Matt Butzen


Victoria Kachar


William Duy

I was very nervous and embarrassed to go to the dentist after neglecting my teeth for three years. Alex was a pleasure to work with. The staff was kind and prompt. Dr has a very easy going bedside manner. It was a wonderful experience overall!

Vanessa Trinidad

Big staff, well structured and punctual

Alex Marusarz

I had a very traumatic accident at my job June 13th 2019 which left me with 3 broken front teeth and another one chipped. ( 4 front teeth) I followed my jobs protocol then luckily enough Dr. Kats was able to see me immediately. When I arrived my mouth was beyond sore and it hurt to close my mouth fully. He had taken some X-rays and told me because of how I slipped my teeth were pushed inward and up into my gums. I started balling of course because my teeth gave me my confidence. I thought how and why me. He calmed me down and told me what he had to do and asked “Do you trust me” at first I wasn’t sure he wasn’t my normal doctor but my brother’s girlfriend vouched for him and so I did. He went to work fixed me up temporarily I had to wear a brace for 5 months then another month until I was able to get my permanent teeth. He was very kind and sensitive and made sure I was comfortable the entire time and each time I came to visit in between. If you go to anyone besides him you’re loss. Sometimes when it comes to life things change and we have to adjust . My smile is GORGEOUS all thanks to Dr. Kats and his team .

Mariah Briel Simmons

Dr. Ann did an impeccable job extracting my tooth. I barely had any pain after it was all done! She carefully walked me through the whole process which kept me calm. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

McKennah L